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 rez evil 5 BO YA!

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PostSubject: rez evil 5 BO YA!   Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:05 pm

ok so rez evil 5. yeah for those of us who have played the resident evil games we all should know how revolutionary rez evil 4 was. they ran a whole new game engine and idea and made it kinda like a 3 and 1/2 person shooter. witch was a SMASHING success. rez evil 4 was the most talked about rez evil. and for people like me who didnt care at all about the resident evil franchise befor 4 who went back and played them threw after playing 4 would agree. the game play was smoother and more intense... but then again the title up top says rez eveil 5! ok so heres my tie in here we go! rez evil 5 playes the same way rez evil 4 did. GOOD idea and thank god. any way the games characters are Sheva Alomar. chris is a old fart to the game franchise he was in the first resident evil, sheva is new shes kinda just there when chris rolls in town on his trusty steed... any way back on track. u play with ur partner never leaving ur side. good thing bad thing it all depends. the game was ment to play with a buddy so if u have a friend who has the game join up and kill Kill KILLL. any way i personally played it solo. and since its a team work game and i played as chriss that means i generally had to grab sheva by the ankle and throw her around like she was a rag doll. yeah that ledge u cant climb up. just Chuck sheva up there to get wat ever u need from that high up place that u urself cant get to. it works its fun and it adds allot of twists to the game witch make it really fun but frustrating. so while u have to manage ur ammo guns herbs so on... u have to listen to ur partner go I NEED AMMO.. or HELP IM HURT CUZ I JUST RAN OUT OF AMMO AND I COULDN'T SHOOT THIS PERSON WHO WALKED UP TO ME SO NATURALLY HE BIT ME AND IT HURT SO I NEED THAT HERB U JUST PICKED UP OR I WILL DIE AND WELL UR PRETTY MUCH FUCKED THEN! that got anoying cuz u have to watch her amo and idk about u but 20 pistle rounds would last me a good 19-20 baddies. but with there (dead) aim 20 rounds would last a good 2 baddies. and ammo is hard to find so that turns into alot of problems cuz u end up not having ammo cuz ur partner will just blow right threw it so u end up just knifing things. but hey it worked out well cuz i found a way around it. give them the worst gun in the game witch for sum reason is the machine guns. idk i dislike them but they can b good, but since u get so much ammo for it and well the ai only shoots 2 rounds at a time witch is wonderful cuz that stuns them long emuf for u to shotty them down and wat do u know SAVE AMMO. so that problem worked out fine cuz i remind u it was intended for u and a friend to join up and kill Kill KILL. ok good thing about a ai buddy is u can drop a herb on them and the second u get hit and hurt bad they r right there saying HEY LISTEN! dont do that be more carfull bla bla and they heal u. witch is amazing cuz they STOP shotting for just long enuf for u to idk SHOTTY the rest of the guys down and SAVE AMMO. as u can tell i ran into alot of problems with that cuz it ends up being a problem later in the game when u cant do anything cuz ur out of ammo and from every person i talked with they had the same problem with ammo and ai (fun times). anyway the story was amzing it answerd alot of questions raised in previous resident evils. there are alot of fun minigames that u earn when u beat the game and prizes if u beat the mini games like guns for the main story mode. so the replay value is amazing cuz the more u play the more money u get and the better your guns become because u upgrade your weapons. all in all i love resident evil 5 its a good addition to the resident evil saga and well worth the money u pay to get it. id drop is a 9.5-10 due to the art work and all the work put into making the game shine... also play it on high def it makes the head poping all the more pretty Razz
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Forsaken Lament 44

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PostSubject: Re: rez evil 5 BO YA!   Sat Mar 28, 2009 8:31 pm

Nice review bro. I agree, Sheva was a pain in the ass a lot of the time. I liked that you could both heal at the same time, which was completely different than other RE games in the herb=one character. but yeah, the only really good thing about Sheva was that she had almost pefect aim...the only problem was she'd never use any of the action commands, and sometimes she wouldn't even attack! For example: I was in the Oil Refinery being chased down by two chainsaw guys...I was blowing them away with a shotgun, while she had a machine gun...while it sounds fine, I only had one problem: she wasn't shooting them! i don't know what the deal was, but I will say i lost my head because of it. I understand they wanted to make the game co-op, but I'm not sure making the single player that way was the smartest way to go...

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rez evil 5 BO YA!
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