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 Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences

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Forsaken Lament 44

Number of posts : 2293
Age : 32

PostSubject: Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences   Sat Apr 11, 2009 3:23 pm

I'm sure you've heard of people being "visual" learners or "auditory" learners. But what if it was far more specific than that? Of course, most people tend to think of intelligence measurement as being based solely on the Intelligence Quotient(IQ) test. Newer theories to the realm of Psychology, however, are starting to disprove this once seemingly perfect method.

Howard Gardner, a psychologist with Harvard University, found the IQ test inneffective as it merely studied one aspect(objective skills such as math, science, etc) of human ability, rather than guaging the vast array of potential that the human mind actually contains.

Seeking to resolve this issue, and maintain that humans were more "mentally equal" than had once been thought, Gardner developed the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which states that there are actually several different types of intelligences that each and every human possesses. So far there are only 7, however more are being considered-

This type of intelligence has to do with the ability to literally learn through your body. You learn best by moving and acting with your body, and tend to perform extremely well in sports, dancing, acting, fighting, etc. People who do best with this intelligence actually learn through muscle movement, or Muscle Memory.

As the name describes, people with this intelligence learn best through the spoken word, reading a book, writing papers or speaking themselves. They are good at memorizing passages in books, or pieces of lectures. They learn best through listening, and excell when it comes to making speeches, telling stories, writing, or debating. They are good at persuasion, and tend to do well with foreign languages. This type of intelligence is best suited to Lawyers, teachers, politicians, journalists, philosophers, writers, etc.

This intelligence emphasizes logical reasoning, mathematics, numbers, and objective studies. This is the more traditional idea of what intelligence actually is, and is easily identifiable with the traditional IQ test. This type of intelligence is heavily stressed in all matters of technology. It is especially useful for scientists, doctors, mathematicians, economists, computer technicians, engineers, etc.

Great with hand-eye coordination, this type of intelligence is most often identified with those who are able to easily solve puzzles, create artwork, memorize things visually, and manipulate objects. Many people feel this type of intelligence is very similar to Logical-mathmematical and Bodily-Kinesthetic, however Gardner asserts that there are strong differences which warrants this as its own serperate intelligence. This type of intelligence is perfect for artists, architects, engineers, etc.

This type of intelligence emphasizes sound, tones, music, and rhythm.
These type of people learn best through hearing lectures, and may memorize tones and songs to help learn various ideas. They excell at singing, playing music, and composing songs. These type of people are best at singing, writing music, conducting, writing, speaking, and playing intstruments.

These type of people have a strong sense of the world around them. They can grow plants with ease, take care of plant life, and are excellent with animals. They tend to learn the most from being outside, and also work well with predicting and understanding weather paterns. This intelligence is often criticized for not being an actual intelligence, but instead more of an interest. People with this intelligence tend to flourish in jobs such as farmers, gardeners, veterenarians, Meteorologists, scientists, and conservationists.

This type of intelligence allows the person to self-reflect with ease. These people tend to be more reflective and reserved, as they are able to understand their own thought patterns and feelings. They often work alone and are considered introverts. They tend to learn best when working by themselves, and have been known to be perfectionists. Careers best suited for this intelligence are scientists, philosophers, psychologists, theologians, and writers.

These type of people work best when interacting with others, as they are often considered extroverts. They can be agressive with their goals and tend to work well in large groups of people. They are great when communicating with others and have a strong ability to understand others' feelings. They enjoy large discussions and debates. This type of intelligence is best suited for careers such as management, political positions, teaching, social work, etc.

Gardner also believes there may be more to add, including a Spiritual Intelligence(strong sense of religion or communication with the super-natural) and an existential intelligence(ability to reflect on large philosophical questions relating to life, society, and death). These are not fully developed and aren't official.

So why is this all important? In today's schools the education system focuses primarily on logical studies which include reading, math, and science. Gardner argues that this emphasis discludes many who may excell at other abilities, and can put them in a position where they may not feel intelligent, and where they are not taught to their fullest extent.

Overall, Gardner advocates that teaching methods in the classroom should be re-evaluated to include these various types of intelligences not only to promote a more equal learning experience, but to also help students do better in every one of these categories.

Personally I feel this method could very possibly work well to promote skills in every student and human being. Which of these intelligences do you think you are? Remember, you don't have to be strictly one or the other...many people do well in a few of them.

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--Arrogance is Weakness
In order to possess pride, you must first possess shame.

--Which would you prefer? Cheap Happiness or sublime suffering?
Perhaps sometimes ignorance really is bliss...
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PostSubject: Re: Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences   Sat Apr 11, 2009 3:27 pm

Ah, so I see that our conversation inspired this topic, Razz

Regardless, it's a very interesting post. Never knew there was so much to the subject. You get an A! Cool
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Forsaken Lament 44

Number of posts : 2293
Age : 32

PostSubject: Re: Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences   Sun Apr 12, 2009 10:15 pm

so....which intelligence do you think you are? And why? Neutral

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--Arrogance is Weakness
In order to possess pride, you must first possess shame.

--Which would you prefer? Cheap Happiness or sublime suffering?
Perhaps sometimes ignorance really is bliss...
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Pug & Yoshi Fan!

Number of posts : 1775
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences   Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:40 pm

i think music and rhythm because i get good grades when my teacher turns on music..
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PostSubject: Re: Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences   

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Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences
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