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 FTW Q and A with The Game OverThinker

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PostSubject: FTW Q and A with The Game OverThinker   Tue Jun 09, 2009 6:39 pm

The Game OverThinker, otherwise known as MovieBob, otherwise known as just "Bob", has earned quite a reputation as one of the internet's finest quick tongued, snarky, pseudo video game journalists. A break out success on YouTube, Bob has been nominated for both a Webby and a ScrewAttack 1337 Award for "Best Gaming Show", and continually contributes movie reviews for "The Escapist Show". He is an enthusiast of many forms of entertainment, and will never miss an opportunity to exercise his First Amendment rights. Wielding "Big Words", big wit, and a Boston accent (only when he's angry, of course), Bob is ready to overthink gaming issues large and small.

Gimic300: I'll start out with the essential first question for any gamer; what have you been playing recently?

Bob: "Recently" I'm lucky to get any time in for it at all. Work pileups and all that. Most of my day-to-day gaming is on the DS lately, since I can play it on break at work or mid-commute. Looking forward to Punch-Out, approaching Bionic Commando with some trepidation.

G: Growing up, what entertainment medium had the biggest impact on you?

Movies. I'm very much of "that generation" of geeks who grew up with a VCR in the living room and had E.T., Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Gremlins, Ghostbusters, etc. on a near-constant loop. Video games were definitely the dominant obsession for most of grade school, though, once the NES happened.

G: Have you ever considered a career involving the production of games, movies, or comic books?

Bob: That's the plan, actually. I spent most of my "when I grow up" days basically assuming I'd grow up to be a game designer - despite having absolutely ZERO talent for, say, programming or math which are somewhat essential to the process. I'd have piles and piles of these crayon drawings of game-worlds that'd look like the big stretched-out side-scroller level maps you'd see in Nintendo Power.

At some point around High School, though, my aim sort of rolled-over into film making and that's where it is right now as well. I am "that guy" working with my similarly-inclined best friends trying to get indie movies together and hoping to sell a screenplay - thats the goal, really.

G: What is the most enjoyable thing about creating MovieBob and Game OverThinker videos?

Bob: Attention Wink

G: When you began blogging, what was your ultimate goal? Were the words “Webby nominee” and “The Escapist Show” swimming through your mind from the beginning?

Bob: Yes and no. I mean... I got in on "blogging" right when it was "the thing to do," but you hadn't yet had these stories of bloggers morphing into "real" journalists or whatever yet. My earliest YouTube movies were trailer parodies and gag stuff. The first "Game OverThinker" started out as mostly just a big "spew" of stuff that was on my mind at the time about gaming; but like any nerd worth his salt I'm always thinking "franchise! continuity!" so I numbered it "#1" and planned on doing at least a few more as the mood struck me. It must be an ego thing, but I tend to turn everything into a "treatise" of one kind or another. Doing them started to bleed over into other writing, so I did a few movie reviews in a similar style as well.

Of course, at that time "The Angry Nintendo Nerd" and "Zero Punctuation" were THE talk of the web world, and you were starting to see - in the gaming scene in particular - these instances of guys doing comedy-infused video reviews getting picked up for professional gigs. So I'd be a liar if I didn't say that having that to me wasn't the pie-in-the-sky fantasy aspect of it... but that it's actually started to tip in that direction for me? It honestly blows my mind. I'm not sure how I got here.

G: Where do you plan on taking Game OverThinker in the future?

Bob: Wherever it can go. It's involved in a video competition right now, so we'll see what happens there.

The first installment of "The Game OverThinker" (NSFW language)

G: When it comes to various controversies in gaming, you never seem to shy away from having your say. Which topics have received the most backlash from viewers? Which have received the most praise?

Bob: There's no way to say this without sounding like a bit of a prick, but... the "blacklash" is almost 90% predictable when your dealing with gaming commentary. The "Gamer Community" is VERY tight-knit and protective - mostly for good reason - and if you deal with a controversial topic you usually have a pretty good idea of what's going to make people mad.

Thing is, I totally get where they're coming from. Gamers basically hear NOTHING positive about themselves or the medium from the mainstream media. Hell, until two years ago when you started getting these human-interest stories about elderly people and sick kids discovering Wii Sports the ONLY things you'd hear about gaming in the press were, in order: "It's a silly hobby that's making our kids obese" and "It's responsible for Columbine." So it's perfectly understandable that Gamers are, for lack of a better word, defensive a lot of the time.

=0 D
But my "goal" (geez, this sounds so pretentious) with OverThinker to an extent was/is to "elevate" the debate and get gamers looking at bigger issues, themes and cultural-contexts for the medium, and sometimes I've got to opine that things like racist stereotypes and sexism are BIG problems that the medium hasn't overcome are problems and people get VERY heated because it can seem like just "one more thing" gaming is getting blamed for. On that regard, doing two episodes about Resident Evil 5 and racism easily provoked the biggest negative backlash, but it also spurred (in it's comments-section) what I regard as a lot of interesting healthy discussion. The best thing gamers can do for themselves, in my opinion, is to engage and discuss the medium and it's themes on deeper levels, and if I have to occasionally be "the bad guy" to get that going I'm fine with that.

The most positive responses I've gotten tend to be on several episodes dealing with gender roles and the way the medium and the industry treat female gamers (spoiler alert: the answer is "poorly.") I've gotten a lot of "thank you's" and "I'm glad SOMEONE is talking about this" feedback that is honestly very humbling.

G: If you could meet anyone currently working the gaming industry, who would it be? How about the movie industry?

Bob: Right now I'm so low on the totem pole I'd like to meet ANYBODY. You could introduce me to freakin' Uwe Boll and my first instinct would probably be "Whoa... this guy has been in a room with a topless Kristana Lokken and he got PAID for that!" I'm a huge mark right now in that regard. I'd probably genuflect before Shigeru Miyamoto, hoping he'd "knight" me with a Wii Remote...

G: Assuming you've been keeping up with the flood of E3 news, is there anything that has surprised you about 2009's Electronic Entertainment Expo?

Bob: Surprises this year not too many. Stuff I'm GLAD about sure, but the big headlines were basically: "PS3 continues to hemorrhage exclusive franchises," "Nintendo to produce further Mario, Zelda and Metroid titles" and "Sony & Microsoft to release their versions of the Wii Remote." Is any of that truly shocking news? I'M a little surprised at my initial "worries" about the new Team Ninja developed Metroid game. It looks great, and as far as I'm concerned every step any franchise takes AWAY from the first-person-shooter genre is a good step, but part of me is a little concerned about Samus Aran - who's hugely important as one of the ONLY female characters in all of gaming (to say nothing of all of science fiction period) who ISN'T sexualized... who's gender and even humanity in fact is almost entirely neutralized by her in-game portrayal - in the hands of the creators of Dead Or Alive, y'know?

E3 in this period fascinates me, though. For years, gaming has been so internalized and niche-driven that people have gotten used to treating E3... which is really a TRADE SHOW for corporations to show off their moneymakers and make news for their shareholders... like it's a fan-convention. Which I think is why you see all this depressing anger about Nintendo's press conferences in particular. Iwata and Cammie Dunaway get up on stage and announce things like the vitality sensor or ::gasp!:: a game aimed at TEH GIRLZ!!!???, both of which I can almost guarantee you will sell huge and are the sort of things their shareholders are thrilled to see... and people treat it like the Pope just shouted "hail Satan!" at an Easter Mass. People are just apoplectic that ANY audience other than "hardcore" gamers gets any attention, and it's an intriguing if unfortunate dynamic.

G: The Flash and Viewtiful Joe have red outfits. Who would win in a fight?

Bob: The Flash. People overlook just how awesome his power-set actually is. It's not just that he can RUN fast... he IS fast, his whole BEING is super-fast. He can dodge any bullet, punch, weapon, whatever. He can run the circumference of the planet to build-up speed and smash you. He punch yo u in the same exact spot (or a thousand different spots) a million times in the blink of an eye. He can grab you and SHAKE you fast enough to shatter all your bones. How do you fight something like that? Wink

For more Game OverThinker, check out his blogs at and Be sure to vote for his entry of's "My Vids Don't Suck" contest on June 12. Keep in mind, you must join ScrewAttack's forums and post if you want to vote.

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Pug & Yoshi Fan!

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PostSubject: Re: FTW Q and A with The Game OverThinker   Thu Jun 11, 2009 5:52 pm

i wish would have left the movie bit otherwise great interview
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PostSubject: Re: FTW Q and A with The Game OverThinker   Thu Jun 11, 2009 5:57 pm

Sorry Pugs....I really should have put an NSFW warning up in the title. Unfortunately I can't change the thumbnail image of the video, but I can change the video.
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PostSubject: Re: FTW Q and A with The Game OverThinker   Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:18 pm

I love this guy's vids. I just enjoy how he speaks the truth. BTW Gimic, great job on the interview! I've said it before and I'll say it again, we just need you to get an interview from Miyamoto himself! Cool
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Pug & Yoshi Fan!

Number of posts : 1775
Age : 22

PostSubject: Re: FTW Q and A with The Game OverThinker   Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:06 pm

Gimic300 wrote:
Sorry Pugs....I really should have put an NSFW warning up in the title. Unfortunately I can't change the thumbnail image of the video, but I can change the video.
thanks gimic =) but dont feel to bad others will really enjoy watching his videos
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PostSubject: Re: FTW Q and A with The Game OverThinker   

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FTW Q and A with The Game OverThinker
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