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 In A Nutshell

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PostSubject: In A Nutshell   In A Nutshell Icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2009 3:08 pm

In A Nutshell was supposed to be my weekly news round up posted every Sunday. But it's Tuesday, meaning the news that I did "report" has since lost some of it's relevance. I did have it ready by Sunday, but I'm an enemy of God (he told me) so he prevented me from actually posting it. That, or I'm really lazy.

But hey fellas, I'm sure there's something on here you guys haven't heard about. Even if you have heard about it, act surprised for me, ok?

This is the version without sources or links, so bear with me. I'll most likely add the links later on, but for now I'm in a hurry.

Week of June 28

Looking forward to Musamasa?

Don't own a Wii? Well, Marvelous Entertainment may have you covered. Poor sales of several Wii only titles in Japan have led to Marvelous considering HD ports, which could include games such as Muramasa: The Demon Blade, No More Heroes, Arc Rise Fantasia, and Little King's Story. Goichi Suda also lent some truth to the rumor, saying that No More Heroes after Desperate Struggle will not be appearing on the Wii. Will the ports actually happen? Only time (and financial figures) can tell.


Fez is coming to XBLA in 2010! For those unaware, Fez is a 2D/3D hybrid best described as “Super Mario Bros. meets Echochrome”, mixing perspective shifting with good ol' fashioned platforming. For more, visit the developer Polytron's website site here, and check out this tasty gameplay trailer.


In an interview with Edge Magazine, aforementioned game designer Goichi Suda explains that developing No More Heroes is like “Taking a sh!t”.

"A lot of things influenced No More Heroes - things I saw, or heard, and something that came from inside. Something that needed to be eliminated from my body, like waste. That's why I created No More Heroes....No More Heroes 2? New taking-a-sh!t."

Shigeru Miyamoto, another slightly known game maker also dropped a buzz worthy quote this past week. Commenting on the new Zelda title in development for Wii, Miyamoto tells Nintendo Power, "I don't think it's going to be that radically different." While a seemingly harmless statement, it set the internet aflame with gamers of all kinds bitching and moaning about Nintendo's lack of originality just before going back to their matches of Call of Duty 5.

Revealing that Sony does indeed plan ahead, head of product planning Naoya Matsui was quoted recently regarding the PSPgo. "We'd planned to release a PSP model without a UMD drive since the very beginning... But if we'd simply released the hardware, there wouldn't have been much for everyone to enjoy. We needed to prepare the right environment for it first... We wanted to release it when the delivery of digital content was on par with the delivery of physical media. That's what we've been working on these past two years." Despite Sony's confidence with digital only distribution, there's still plenty of speculation on whether it can actually replace the current UMD format.


Fans of movies based on popular Capcom series, REJOICE! While being stalked by soulless Hollywood TV paparazzi, Milla Jovovich confirmed the production of the rumored “Resident Evil: Afterlife”, saying “We're going to start shooting at the end of the year”. When asked which film she was speaking of, she replied “Number FOUR”. Much to the dismay of enthusiasts of the Resident Evil franchise and decent cinema, Milla later confirmed that she was indeed talking about Afterlife. At least it can't be any worse than Degeneration, mirite?

In other movie “news”, Universal Studios has acquired the rights to the arcade classic “Asteroids”. Given that the game had absolutely no plot or narrative, I'm hopeful, because it already has a more interesting story than the average summer movie.

Everything old is new again

Although still yet to be announced on the official teaser website, Japanese Magazine Weekly Jump has revealed new Square Enix title for the DS titled Final Fantasy: Four Warriors of Light. According to translation, the game is an entirely new adventure, but is a throw back to the retro Final Fantasy games on the NES and SNES. Great news for anyone with a love for old school RPGs. By the time this gets posted, the timer on the teaser site will have reached zero, and more information should be available.

XSeed has done it again! With Namco Bandai continually failing to support the Wii outside of Japan, publisher XSeed has announced that they will be bringing the Project Aces developed “Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces” stateside. Sky Crawlers is a flight sim based on a recent CG film released in Japan, and has so far been well received in the country. Old to them, new to us!

Sure, talk of Natal is huge right now, but I'm personally rooting for Sony's motion controller when it comes to the next innovation in game control. With a new patent, however, it looks as if Sony may ditch the controller in favor of everyday objects. The patent details how the Eyetoy can read in objects that you're holding and detect their position in your hands, affecting various things in game depending on how they're being held. The example image showed a man holding a horseshoe shaped block. When held downward, it acts as the hilt of a light saber, and when held upward the saber extends and becomes usable. Of course, the patent could mean absolutely nothing, but it's interesting none the less.

I realize how poorly written that was, shut up about it already.
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Forsaken Lament 44
Forsaken Lament 44

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In A Nutshell Empty
PostSubject: Re: In A Nutshell   In A Nutshell Icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2009 3:52 pm

Quite a nice little article there Gimic.

I can't say I'm thrilled about many Marvelous Wii games being ported...I feel that's a slap in the face to Wii gamers, especially as we have relatively few great exclusives as it is. Why add insult to injury?

As for the RE movie, they can shove it. Whether it's called four or "afterlife", it'll be crap in my mind. Please let that film series die while it still has a thread of dignity.

Suda's comments are also quite hilarious...sounds just like him, and seems to explain the obsession with the bathroom in his games...shame the series won't continue on Wii though.

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In A Nutshell
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