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 E3 2013 Prediction and News

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PostSubject: E3 2013 Prediction and News   Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:00 pm

Well here it is folks the big E3 when video game companies do there best to sell us games that they think we want. (and a few games that we really do want) Joking aside this will be yet another interesting year for Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony as 2 of them will be selling a new console while one tries to build up a strong foundation for its already released console. Without further delay I would like to give some of my predictions for the next few days.

Starting off is Microsoft. The big thing about Microsoft and the Xbox One (or as some have called it the Xbone) they need to get there shit together and be as clear as possible with every part of it. So far there has been a lot of negativity about the console with the having to have the console connect to the internet once every 24 hours, the new kinect always being on, spying on your tv views, and being unable to sell games or giving them to a friend. There has been some updates to the above stories but some of it has just added to the confusion. Be clear about what the system can and can't do and don't wait a week to 'clear the air' (or as i like to call it waiting for the fans to react negative then change your mind to make them happy). As far as games go I'm sure the majority will be launch games for the Xbone I can't really think of what they will be maybe Halo 5 and/or Forza 5 but that is about it. I'm sure there is will be some 'new kinect' games...... joy Evil or Very Mad

Next up is EA winner AGAIN of the worst company in America.... moving on

Next is Ubisoft as they show off their console the Assassin one....... HA! just kidding can you imagine? Ubisoft I'm sure will be showing off the already announced Assassin's Creed 4, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Watch Dog, and Rayman Legends. Other than that i don't think we will see any new big game the rumor is Beyond Good and Evil 2 will show up but that will only happen when Half Life 3 shows up too.

Finally later that day will be Sony. The big 'reveal' for Sony will be the actual console since it was missing at the earlier confreres. There have been several games already announced for the system their time will focus on on when the system will launch and maybe price? (same goes for the Xbone) I'm looking forward to seeing new games also and maybe sequels to old games also. I'm sure this maybe a dead topic but new DLC for Playstation Brawl would be welcomed also.

Last but not least next day will see the Nintendo Direct which promises to be a BIG ONE! In years past I don't think I have seen more promotion for E3 by Nintendo than this year. Sending special Mii to the 3DS to promote it, launching special sites dedicated to E3, filling up facebook and twitter with post about the next nintendo direct video AND going as far as sending demos of the new games to Best Buy. The obvious games that have been confirmed have been the big games: Then next smash, Mario Wiiu, Mario Kart Wiiu, Pikimin 3, Wonderful 101, and Wind Waker HD. This direct will focus mostly on Wiiu which is a good thing. I'm sure that like the last few Nintendo Directs there will be some talk about the big games like the ones i mentioned but the biggest and best kept secret will be towards the end. my question is this... what will it be? (duu right?) old franchise (metroid, f-zero, star fox?) or something new? all will be told in a mater of... HOURS!

So there you have it folks my thoughts of the next few days to sum it up

Microsoft needs to stop pissing fans off
Sony needs to stay the cores
Nintendo needs to build a strong foundation for the Wiiu to stand on
other than that it will be another interesting year

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E3 2013 Prediction and News
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