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 StarRoadWarrior's Blog?

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PostSubject: StarRoadWarrior's Blog?   StarRoadWarrior's Blog? Icon_minitimeSun Jun 08, 2014 5:34 pm

Whats up peeps? Jordan here with something that I wanted to do for a very long time and that is a blog of some sort. Usually this is because I have a lot on my mind and want to see what other think. Before in I get in a deep discussion about games/life/politics I want to jump on the E3 prediction bandwagon. I'm really not good on predictions (just look at my predictions for last year) but I will still do my best and even throw out things I would like to see.

Starting off with Microsoft! It seem that this time the Kinect is being silently killed off (WHICH IS A GREAT THING!!!) just look at the announcement of the kinect-less bundle, which should of been that way from the start because the kinect is just a joke and no games for it (but the WiiU is a failure and it has games...go figure). This year I think the Xbox has the sequel bug and has already shown some of the biggest games already such as Halo 5, Forza Horizon 2, Killer Instinct Season 2, Call of Duty, and Battlefield. With the exception of a few the only games the are for the Xbox one are shooters I would really like to see some diversity but then again shooters are what made the 360 so popular. There has been a rumor of Gears of War 4 but the question is why bother? Gears: Judgment was not as good as the first 3 and If 4 was made It was going to be made by a different team and that is never going to please the fans. What else... A rumor on the Halo collection. A HD remake of Halo 1-4 for the XBone... that's exciting I guess. I really see no reason to get an Xbox One. This E3 needs to really show me some reason to get an Xbox one give me something exciting THAT WILL COME OUT THIS YEAR! or there is no reason to get one this year.

EA! Ah good ole EA! last year I gave them some grief but I have a change of heart not 100% change but a little change. I have a change of heart due to the fact that I finally played some EA games like Mass Effect, Plants vs Zombies, and Titanfall. Titanfall DLC and battlefield I think will be the biggest focus and maybe even mirror's edge the reboot (yes its a reboot to a game that just started) other than that the next sports game will be announced a long with the quote "This generation has allowed us to do things that we were never able to do with the last generation"

Ubisoft! The next Assassin's Creed, updates on the Division, Far Cry 4, and the other games that were delayed till 2015. Any new games? probably not because Watch Dog just came out and some of their new games are all pushed back to 2015 something tells me they will pop out another Rayman game

SONY! They just need to not show up... for real! Much like everyone else their games have been pushed back to 2015. Sony has this new console and yet all the games are coming out a year latter. (Stop me if you have heard this before) The one game that I am most excited for is not for the PS4 OR the PS3 its for the Vita. Gravity Rush 2 a game that was teased at Tokyo Game Show 2013 and no new info since then. If they could give me some sort of info on it I would be excited. As far as PS4 games like I said before all the big games are being pushed to 2015. Oh and if anyone remembers The Last Guardian you need to start forgetting about it because Sony would really wish you would so they could give it some sleeping pills the smother it in its sleep. Im more than positive that Destiny will also be shown off during Sony's presser and maybe even Metal Gear Solid 5 and Assassin's Creed as these games have always had extra missions on Sony's consoles that were never on Xbox. (xbox got CoD PS got everything else BOOOO!) other than Gravity Rush 2 Im not looking forward to anything else on PS4. Uncharted 4? naa not for me nor the Last of Us remastered. Maybe just MAYBE we will see Playstation Brawl 2? (a very small part of me wants to see it happen) END OF DAY ONE!

DAY TWO! NINTENDO! THE HYPE IS REAL!!! I would be lying if I said that Smash was not the big focus of this E3. Will anyone share any of the spot light? My guess will be the next Zelda that was mentioned by Eiji Aonuma that we would see the first info at this E3. Right now Nintendo is riding high on Mario Kart 8 so it would also be nice to see some DLC its not out of the question. Im also sure that we will see new info on Hyrule warriors, Bayonetta 2,X, Yarn Yoshi (if that is still a thing), Shin Megami Tenxei X Fire Emblem (if that is still a thing too) and the Ruby/Sapphire remake. Anything new? ALWAYS! If the rumors are true we might see a "Mario Maker" a level editor for 2D mario games looks interesting but I'm really not into level creators or puzzle maker games. I am also expecting a new Metroid. It is time for a new one. More rumors? A 3DS remake of majoras mask but I don't think this will happen because this would mean 3 Zelda games coming out I think more likely the Wiiu zelda will have something to do with Majoras Mask. Finally SMASH! Don't lie it is the game everyone is most excited for Im sure we will see an overflow of information like with the smash direct we had. On top of new info on the current announced cast and stages we will more than likely see new characters and stages and finally get a solid release date. I hope that they also do some sort of collectors edition with that newly announced GameCube controller port.

As Always things will be interesting the next couple of days and wish all companies the best of luck. Was there anything I missed or something you want to see please let me know!

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StarRoadWarrior's Blog?
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